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One of the most popular means of sharing information on the world wide web is blogging. If you are someone who wants to promote something they do then you should comenzar un blog. You can easily promote the cooking you do, videos you make or even share your views on various things that you care about at the comfort of your home.

Anyone can do it:

Thanks to tools such as Ghost, WordPress, Drupal and many other similar sites, anyone can share their views on anything without having to shout and argue with people. You can stay composed and share whatever you like with an audience that will find you, rather than you finding them. But blogging is not only for people who want to share their personal content but it has become an important tool in marketing sections of many companies, with statistics to back it all up. According to HubSpot, 53% of people in marketing consider blogging to be a priority in creating content for inbound marketing.

What is blogging or a weblog?

A weblog or a blog is a written material that people create to express their views and opinion on various topics, without having technical knowledge of first making a website to do it. A weblog is easy, you do not have to buy a domain to start blogging. At least one blog on the internet is read by a person, so it has become quite popular.

Benefits of blogging in marketing:

There are many benefits of blogging in marketing. 4 main benefits of blog en marketing are:

  • Listening and observing what people think about your product and brand or the market you are trying to target.
  • You can participate in conversations, easily.
  • You can have the benefit of working with different influencers.
  • You can start a conversation on your website.

Starting your own blog:

If you want to know como comenzar un blog, then to comenzar un blog you need to follow the following steps:

  • Choose a blogging platform
  • Choose a hosting method
  • Customize your blog

Choose a blogging platform:

There are different software and platforms that can help you start a blog. Some of the most popular ones are WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, TypePad and many more. Many of these have different services at different costs, some of them are even free. It is advisable that you look at every single option in order to find the one that is the most suitable to you.

Choose a hosting method:

Although blogging can be free, but if you want to take blogging seriously, you need to get a paid blogging site that you can monetize, and make money from it. The paid blogs are not expensive, anyone can easily find a domain to start blogging.

Some recommendations for a domain name are the following:

  • Avoid numbers or special characters
  • Address of the site should be easy to remember
  • Use popular keywords

Customize your blog:

To complete your plan de blog marketing digital, you need to customize your blog according to your own taste. You can be creative with it. But keep in mind, the style has to be similar in the type of content you are planning to write. It is recommended to take your time with this step.

In conclusion:

Therefore, comenzar un blog if you want to market through blogging or you just want to express your opinion on various topics that are important to you. Either way, it can be quite beneficial.

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