4 Tips to Optimize the Shopping cart of his Online Store.- Shopping Cart Online

Renewing and improving an online store are the virtuous paths of loyalty and increased sales!

The purpose of the “shopping shopping cart websites page is to present the list of products that the user is about to purchase. But when it is unorganized and unclear it immediately discourages the user who gives up future purchases.

To optimize the shopping cart and avoid the abandonment of the basket by the user, follow these 4 tips…

Facilitate the customer’s path

Do not make your site an infernal maze for the user. He must be able to simply check his shopping list, as well as modify it.

It must present for each article: the name and the photo, as well as a link to return to the product sheet if necessary.

The customer must also see in his shopping cart the total and the subtotal, to avoid unpleasant surprises when paying!

It is essential not to pollute this banner or commercial page.

Manage basket and catalog round trips

The importance of ergonomics is here!

Your customer must be able to easily access the shopping shopping cart websites t from any page of the site, and vice versa .. He must feel safe and at liberty in his shopping cart!

When adding a product to the shopping cart, display a pop-up to indicate that the operation was done correctly, but do not redirect it to the shopping cart page.

Delivery charges can often be a reason for abandoning the shopping cart. Most of the time, the shipping costs will be too high, not detailed and will be presented too late in the process.

In order to optimize the shopping shopping cart websites it is recommended to present the delivery costs from the beginning of the process to not book unpleasant surprises to the consumer. You will be able to give either an estimate from the beginning of the basket using the postal code, or a calculation of shipping costs that would be included in the summary of the order. In fact, in terms of the summary, it should be present in every step of the process to always give the consumer an idea of ​​what he ordered and to be able to modify everything until the last moment.

Here, we can see that from the beginning of the shopping cart, the delivery costs are displayed and by clicking we can have details and then modify them later in the payment process.

Reactivate consumers who have abandoned their shopping cart

Often, a consumer will simply not have the time to complete his order and will postpone it. The abandonment of the shopping cart is done repeatedly for this reason.

Here are some solutions to get these people:

  • Allow the consumer to register, print or email his shopping shopping cart websites for later review and resume where he left it.
  • Send remarketing emails related to the shopping cart.
  • Have a “Recent History” section on your website.

Successfully complete the “shopping cart” page of its online store

How to offer a clear page, easy to use, which gives the user confidence to finalize its intention to purchase.

The “shopping cart” or “virtual cart” is now well known to users of merchant sites. However, not all of them offer yet an ergonomic shopping cart, simple and functional. The user to finalize his act of purchase, must have essential elements in this page.

Start with the summary of purchases

The main function of a shopping cart is to present the list of products that the user is about to buy on your online store. Everything must be done to make its presentation and use simple. In general, validating an order on the Internet is a source of stress. We must guide and reassure the user.

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