Choice And Price Of A Venetian Blind PVC, Aluminum, Wood – Custom Roller Shades

How to choose your Venetian blinds? What is its operation and what are the best materials for your Venetian blind? Or buy his Venetian blinds and what are the prices of a Venetian blind in PVC, aluminum or wood. Finally some tips to maintain and clean his Venetian custom roller shades for windows simply. Let’s go.

How to choose your Venetian blind

We hear about boat awnings, custom roller shades for windows, blinds, but everyone knows the Venetian blind. We will discover together the features of this store so popular.

The blinds are practical and take up little space, if you cannot or do not want a curtain on your window, go to blinds. The curtains take the dust and for some are out of date, as for the blind, their practicality allows them to have the wind in stern. Let’s see the benefits of installing a Venetian blind on your window, bay window etc.

How a Venetian blind works

The operation of a Venetian blind can be explained in two parts. The venetian blind is composed of horizontal blades made of PVC, aluminum or wood, connected by a cord. It attaches to the window frame directly and therefore takes up little space.

The orientation rod of the venetian blind allows to direct the blades to control as you like the light, or you decide to let the light pass or you hide, and the air in your room.

The pull cord serves to raise or lower your custom roller shades for windows. It is possible to motorize it and make it home automation.

  • This will allow to:
  • Filter the light efficiently and at your leisure,
  • Sift the light,
  • Falling temperature in summer,
  • Preserve your privacy whenever you want.
  • The choice of Venetian blind material according to the rooms to be lived
  • PVC to be preferred in the bedrooms,

Aluminum especially for the kitchen because the aluminum is resistant to grease,

Wood for the room and the living room.

Advantage of a venetian blind

The venetian blind is certainly the most popular store. Indeed, it brings many benefits that appeal to the majority of households but also businesses. Venetian custom roller shades for windows are often found in offices to ensure the privacy of the premises.

The price of a Venetian blind is very affordable

Adapts to both small and large windows with a wide range of dimensions

Many colors and styles

Trend and design in an interior


Price of a venetian blind

The price of a Venetian blind obviously depends on:

The choice of blades: pvc, aluminum or wood?

The size of the blind: Venetian blind of standard size or made to measure?

Motorization or not of the blind

Additional accessories: offset bracket, guide option

Generally, the 16mm and 25mm blades are the most sold, we will rely on this type of blades. So, depending on the material chosen for your Venetian blind you will have to count approximately:

Price of a PVC venetian blind

The PVC Venetian blind is the most economical solution in terms of time and money. PVC requires very little maintenance, a roller shades will suffice. For a PVC Venetian blind, you will find most models under 10$ for a height of 180 cm

Price of a Venetian blind in aluminum

The aluminum is perfect for so-called wet rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen. A little more expensive than PVC, aluminum is also more resistant to time.

For aluminum blinds with a width of 30 cm and a height of 150 cm, count on average from 15 to 50$ the blind . For large aluminum Venetian blinds prices range from € 50 to € 150 with a height of up to 2.5 meters.

Price of a wooden venetian blind

The most expensive solution, the wood still has its titles of nobility even on a Venetian blind. For small widths, prices range from 20$ for first prices up to 150$.

For large wooden Venetian blinds, prices range from 50 to 300$.

Buy a Venetian blind

Where to buy a cheap venetian blind?

You want to buy a Venetian custom roller shades for windows, you have taken the dimensions of your window? So you can buy a Venetian blind alone either by:

Internet by going to the sites of the many retailers of blinds,

In major DIY stores such as Lapeyre, LeroyMerlin, Castorama to name a few,

By calling on a storist.

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