Behaviors Then Expectation – inmate calls


You are required to follow the rules of the institution, to listen to the instructions of the staff and to comply with them, and to respect the dignity and rights of others, that is to say other inmate calls staff and visitors, otherwise an act of misconduct will be recorded in your file. For a complete list of behaviors associated with misbehavior, see the section Misconduct).

Among other things, you are required to keep your cell or dorm space clean, to make your bed and to ensure your personal hygiene. If it is difficult for you to meet this requirement due to a disability, please inform a staff member.

Aggressive behavior, discrimination, harassment and intimidation of other inmate calls will not be tolerated. If you are a witness or a victim of unacceptable behavior, please inform a staff member so that the situation can be taken care of. Inmates who display these behaviors could be transferred to maximum security, segregation or another facility.

Prior to taking appropriate action, Correctional Services will consider any relevant grounds of the Human Rights Code (eg an inmate calls with a mental illness that may affect his understanding of his behavior). If you have a special need, you should inform the staff members.

Trust accounts

The money you had on your admission will be kept by the school principal in a trust account in your name. The money you receive during your detention is also deposited in this account. You can use these funds to buy items in the canteen (see Canteen section)).

No money can be withdrawn from your trust account without your permission. You can not withdraw money without the permission of the school head. You can not transfer money from your account to another inmate calls’s account while you are incarcerated, unless the school principal allows you to do so. The latter may also allow you to send money to your family or dependents.

If you want to withdraw a large amount of money from your account or make a large deposit, you must first request the permission of the head of the establishment. Thus, the establishment will have time to take the necessary measures.

When you are released from the institution, you are given the balance of your account in trust. If you are released from another place (eg a court), you have 90 days to claim your money and belongings or to ask another person to claim them for you (see the section on property). personal and cash). Once this period has expired, unclaimed funds will be deposited in the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Province of Ontario in accordance with Ministerial Regulations.

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