Engagement And Mirror Effect In The Relationship

The relationship of the couple is a very intense school of life.

It is above all the school of self-recognition.

Engagement in a two-person relationship is basically a

commitment to oneself.

Because your partner makes you mirror:

Mirror your own aspects in all its forms,

Mirror of your wounds, your emotions, your fears that you

have repressed or not

Mirror aspects or desires that you do not allow yourself

to live.

The closest people are usually the most competent

to press the buttons in us, where it hurts, very badly.

Our spouse is often a master for that. 🙂

But it is not he who hurts, he

simply reminds us of our own pain.

And it is exactly at that moment that one must comit

oneself again to oneself, take responsibility for the fact

that the other is not the executioner, but on the contrary he makes us service,

in the sense that he shows us our wound.

It is therefore a chance for us to become more aware,

to heal our wounds and our emotions.

This makes us free, allows us to get out of our projections,

to see our partner as it is and not through the filter of

our glasses of the past.

Recognizing the law of the mirror, resonance is a path

to freedom, self-responsibility and the realization of ourselves.

Of course you have the possibility to separate from your partner,

to change, but the problem in all this is that you have

not changed yourself.

So sooner or later in your new relationship,

if you do not heal your repressed wounds,

you will surely repeat the same experiences.

It is better to take charge: take responsibility

and do something for yourself.

How do you personally experience the mirror effect and

commitment to oneself in the relationship?

Feel free to leave a comment below.


The dates of the next cycles are indicated in the calendar.

Package of 6 sessions: 200 € / p (includes a 60-minute appointment one month later).

After more than 20 years of experience in the field of psycho-body

I created a brand new format that I call an intensive cycle.

I designed it as a parenthesis for the couple Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney It’s about freeing up time for six 90m sessions, two weeks, so close together. This represents a real therapeutic immersion. The package includes a session of 60 minutes a month later.

What is the interest for the couple to complete an intensive cycle?

More than a brief intensive couples therapy it is a therapeutic work in DEPTH in a DEFINED TIME.

TAKE TIME, make yourself AVAILABLE for UPDATE, integration in progress.

The main interest is to benefit from the DESIRE OF CHANGE: it is the OPTIMAL MOMENT, that women-holding-handsthe couple makes the step is that it is ready for a questioning.

The intensive cycle allows you to better ACCOMPANY THE DYNAMIC change in the relationship and the close sessions (every two days) allow you to allow yourself to really go.

HomosexualHow is the work done?

This Approach is part of a GLOBAL BODY PSYCHO APPROACH: we consider the body and its language as a gateway to COHERENCE in itself.

This consists of TREAT and go through difficulties, the goal chosen by the couple.

This starting point is experienced as a set of tensions, conflicts, frustrations intensive couples therapy

We will ENSEMBLE explore and clarify for each one his real needs.

The CENTRAL QUESTION remains to access a UNIFIED PERCEPTION OF SELF within the relation with the other, integrating at the same time its sensory, affective, intellectual, sexual, social and spiritual dimensions.

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