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One speaker: You are referring to the “blue ocean” theory. Nintendo deliberately inspired to implement its strategy of value and expansion of target?

Stéphane Bole: We did not apply this theory but discovered a posteriori it described our approach to conquer a new target. For twenty-five years in this industry, our developers and players have grown together and built a closed world ocean of games  Anyone wishing to enter it had to spend a considerable amount of time understanding the rules. It was urgent to put the developers and players on the same starting line, to expand the circle of players. This is how the Nintendo DS and Wii were born. Today, half of our users are women, compared to 85% of men before, and our players are of all ages.

Int. : Nintendo is marked by a Japanese culture but is aimed at a global market. How to propose innovations that are accepted by very different national markets?

SB: The video game is perhaps the first global and stateless media. All games, whether they come from American, Japanese or European studios, are aimed at the same market. For example ocean of games  Ubisoft works with teams in Shanghai, Montreal or Ukraine. However, these national influences are not felt in his games.

Do not disappoint historical players

Int. : Have experienced players, often very attached to the brand and long time, been disappointed by the simplicity of your recent innovations?

SB: Due to the inflation of production budgets, we must now meet a budget of $ 40 million to launch a good game. Our resources are too limited to be dedicated exclusively to a warned target. A bunch of historical players (those of World of Warcraftfor example) is actually baffled, even disappointed by some new games that it considers insufficiently complex and sophisticated. However, it represents “only” twelve to thirteen million people in the world, barely a third of the number of players on the French market. Players who make these criticisms forget that they were beginners. However, they find an advantage to this opening target: for the first time ocean of games  they can play with members of their entourage. That said, we continue to launch games for seasoned players. Some games, like Professor Layton , appeal to both neophytes and regulars. Our ambition is to launch more games capable of seducing neophytes and seasoned players. This is the case of Mario Kart orProfessor Layton . Moreover, among the most passionate ” download free ocean of games apk” experts, many of them are curious and welcome innovations. In our opinion, the current dichotomy between “casual gamers” and “core gamers” makes no sense. Many sophisticated game enthusiasts also like to play simpler and less time-consuming things.

Keys to the success of a creative process

Int. : In total, how would you define the key success factors of Nintendo’s creative process?

SB: Wii Sport, Wii Fit, Zelda, these three examples illustrate a mode of collective creation, whose success is based on certain key factors. First, the team of developers brings together a wide variety of profiles: men and women, scientific or not, Japanese and Western, industrial designers, puppeteers (this is the case of Eiji Aonuma the producer of Zelda), teens, thirties, 40s and 50s … This mix avoids the risk, which is important in the video game industry, to develop products for its own audience only. Of the 3,000 Nintendo employees worldwide, half form the development team. The company is very demanding of them, but in a constructive way. Developers are very attached to the brand, its philosophy and the way of artisanal management of the production. Their turnover is low. However, they are not inward-looking: they confront competing developers, especially at international conferences

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