How To Make A Custom Mug?

Do you also want to drink your morning coffee in a cup with a picture of yourself or your family? Or do you want to serve your tea in an original Personalised Coffee Cup  which can not be found anywhere else? Make unique mugs yourself! By personalizing them, you will obtain an object that looks like you, original and original. But how exactly?

Online object customization

Many sites offer you to customize a multitude of objects online. Printing techniques, especially the “thermal sublimation” for ceramics, continue to improve and now allow a large number of creations. You will be able to adorn your cups of drawings and texts, but also photos.

First, go to a specialized websiteand get started in customizing your mug. First, choose the type of mug that you like: classic mug, isothermal, magic, with spoon, with a heart-shaped handle … As well as its color. Most of the time, the cups are white; but you can choose a Personalised Coffee Cup  with ledges, a handle or colorful interior. Once the model is chosen, you have to decorate it as you wish. You can use a gallery of drawings at your disposal or import your own creations. For example, integrate your own photos: those of your last vacation, your children, your spouse, your dog or cat … You can also write a text, a joke, a word, an encouragement for the mornings difficult … Let your imagination speak. Be aware that customization can extend to all sides of the mug. So, do not limit yourself.

Once your creation satisfies you, you just have to order. If you need hundreds of mugs, or even thousands of products, do not hesitate to ask for a quote while keeping in mind that rates are decreasing. This is particularly useful for creating advertising media in the colors of your company.

Personalized photo mug: transform your coffee breaks!

To brighten your coffee breaks or for singing mornings, think about custom mugs! For a good start to the day, nothing better than drinking your favorite drink in a personalized cup with a photo. Panoramic mug surrounded by a large photo or magic mug that reveals a photo or message with the heat of the liquid it contains, the mug is aesthetic and utilitarian. The customizable mug allows you to enjoy your favorite shots at any time of the day.

Photo Mug: a unique gift

It is a gift that delights young and old! Support your love messages, birthday, retirement …, the customizable photo mug is indeed a great gift idea. With Planet Photo, you customize your Personalised Coffee Cup  template online from the authoring interface. No download is necessary. Add your photos, your text and turn your mug into a unique object!

And if you want to order several personalized photo Personalised Coffee Cup , we offer a batch of 4 mugs at preferential rates. Check out this promotion and more on the Credit Pack page . The packs are valid for 6 months and you can enjoy discount up to 40%.

Magic photo mug: create the surprise effect!

For a declaration of love or the announcement of a pregnancy, play the announcement effect with the magic mug. Amaze your children by becoming the magician of a day: invisible when your cup is empty, your message will be revealed in contact with hot liquid!

  • Some ideas of texts:
  • “Do not sugar me! “
  • ” You’re going to be a dad! “
  • Are we making a baby? “
  • ” I go back to bed “
  • ” Hi Grandma! “
  • ” Will you marry me? “
  • ” Do you drink your coffee every morning with me? »
  • « You are very beautiful »
  • « Hello my love »
  • « You are my ray of sunshine »
  • « I am not awake … »
  • « Do not talk to me before I have my coffee! “

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