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Tired of missing the hole of a small centimeter? You think you are a billiard pro and yet you were beaten by a lucky man! Do not miss any more with this laser cue ! Thanks to its very precise laser , calculate your angles of shooting with a great precision !

This custom pool cues made of fiberglass and graphite has a switch to turn the laser on and off.

You will quickly become a billiard pro and all its variants. Tuck balls with one, two or three bands without difficulty! Finally, it is still necessary to master the basics of geometry!

Go, the loser pays the next, the laser-targeted tail is allowed!

The weight

The choice of the weight of the cue is also an essential choice criterion to consider. Indeed, it should be known that as the cue has a significant weight, more control of the speed of the ball is complicated. On the other hand, a too light weight of the cue makes it difficult or even impossible to speed.

If you are still at the beginner level in the practice of billiards, we recommend you to move towards custom pool cues of average weight.

In addition, to choose the right weight for your cue, it will take into account the mode of play you practice. If you play series games, it is generally advisable to choose a pool cue of less than 500 g. If you play 3 Bands, opt for a pool cue over 500g.

Finally, before buying your pool cue, the best thing to do is to try several cues and choose the one you are most comfortable with. In parallel with our advice, see if the pool cue responds well to your strikes and if the arrow gives the good deflection you expect.

This reference from BCE is a good start for novices and those who play billiards for the first time, especially children. Its dimensions are well adapted to this use. Those who want to have fun with their family or run a youth club do well to think about this queue.

The article allows to play several variations of billiards such as custom pool cues or snooker. Thus, the player will be able to train in several types of parties and become a master in billiards. It can also start early with this reference for children aged 3 and over.

The series weighing about 499 g gives the opportunity to learn several techniques in billiards. The tail is heavy enough for the speed of the ball, and light enough to promote great handling and a comfortable grip.

Being wooden, it has a good longevity and is easy to clean.

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A tail to start well: This model, easy to handle, favors the beginnings of novices.

Vary its game: The copy is intended for several types of billiards, you will progress quickly in this sport and become multidisciplinary in some practices.

A technical and professional game: We have more control by handling this cue and we can work from the beginning the effects.


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