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Real estate appraisal (Tier or region) is either for the individual categories above or is combined into a general composite report. The work of an expert is to derive all the conditions affecting the final cost of a house or apartment. This includes competitive price comparison, the study of analytical information, and the preparation of market forecasts. The specialist takes into account the points of investment attractiveness of the object, the possible conditions of legal relations, the geographical and physical parameters of the object (in the case of a house or apartment, it takes into account the material of the building and other similar points).

The work of our analytical center for real estate appraisal in Tier begins with the preparation and study of data from a public offer. Additionally, an in-depth analysis of the data and the preparation of the final report.

The analysis ends with the compilation of the total amount. Additionally, an inventory and analysis of the investment forecast factor is possible when working with commercial or industrial real estate. At this point, additional work is being carried out to compile an objective financial forecast of the profit of the object, where market factors are considered. The use of the method of capitalization of incomes and accounting for them in the overall analysis will allow a more rational study of the item of the market actual value of an object.

Our company has been evaluating real estate for many years and has its own analytical center for the preparation of objective reporting. All the compiled results are subject to legal norms – we provide a guarantee for all types of services provided. You can contact our managers for a comprehensive consultation.

Do I need an assessment when dividing the property of the spouses?

Divorce involves the disintegration of not only the family, but also the termination of the resulting property rights of the spouses in relation to each other. Divorce proceedings often end with a section of jointly acquired property.

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It would seem that with such a legal regulation of the division of property, no additional questions should arise. However, this is not entirely true, since this kind of claim carries with it property claims. Thus, during its execution, it is necessary to indicate not only the price of the claim, but also to submit to the court its detailed calculation. This follows from Art. 91, 131 – 132 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation. In this and there is a certain difficulty in the person concerned.

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In turn, the determination of the value of the disputed property is necessary in two cases:

Establishing the amount of state duty payable (Article 333.19 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation);

For an objective and fair trial, and, accordingly, the division of property between the former spouses, or if their shares are disproportionate – to establish the amount of compensation.

Thus, divorcing spouses need to be aware of these circumstances when applying to a judicial authority for the enforcement of the division of jointly acquired property.

What property is subject to evaluation?

According to Art. 8 of the Federal Law No. 135-FZ of July 29, 1998 “On Appraisal Activities in the Russian Federation” (the Law), property that divides the section upon divorce is subject to mandatory assessment. Objects of evaluation in this case can act according to Art. 5 of the Law, separate material objects, their combination, property rights, etc.

Family law outlines this range of things. Thus, Art. 38 of the RF IC it is established which property may be subject to division upon dissolution of a marriage. As a rule, this is any co-acquired property from the moment of registration of marriage (movable and immovable things, money, deposits, etc.). It can be assessed, except for the following:

Received during the marriage by one of the spouses in the order of inheritance or donation (ie, for all gratuitous transactions);

Personal items;

Exclusive right to the result of intellectual activity;

Property, which, although it was acquired during the existence of the marriage, but the spouses did not actually have family relations (by court decision).

Who and how conducts property valuation:

In order to answer the question of who and when to apply for an assessment of the property that is to be divided between spouses, it is necessary to recall the above-mentioned Art. 91 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation. In particular, we are interested in movable and immovable property, since the requirements on the division of funds do not cause difficulties and do not require additional evaluation.

So, for claims for the recovery of property, the price is determined based on the value of the property . In case of claims on the ownership of a property, the law provides for its determination on the basis of several options:

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