10 Tips to Stay Motivated During a Diet Rapid Tone Diet

Because the path that leads to weight dream is punctuated with obstacles, here are the best reflexes to hang on and persevere despite the difficulties Rapid Tone Diet

  1. Set a realistic goal

According to Michelle Jean-Baptiste, coach specializing in personal development and author of ” My good resolutions in action” (Fortuna editions )Rapid Tone Diet good goal must be Smart, that is to say Simple (example: I want to lose weight), Measurable (in kilos, size), Ambitious (to be motivating), Realistic (to be attainable) and Temporal (we fix a date, not the Greek calendars) ». For example: “I want to lose 3 kilos before the summer to have the same silhouette as last year” or “I’m getting married in two months, I want to get into my wedding dress. ”

  1. Forget the balance

To weigh yourself daily is not a good plan. If you have eaten too much salt, drunk a lot of water, are premenstrual or are prone to water retention, the weight can vary from 1 to 2 kilos a day to other. “The best: weigh yourself once a week, at the same time of the day, Rapid Tone Diet naked and fasting, not taking decimals into account and only looking at the trend over several weeks,” advises Valérie Orsoni, coach ( lebootcamp.com) . In addition, weight is not always a reliable indicator. You can lose weight without losing weight because muscle weighs more than fat.

  1. Keep a diary

A notebook is enough, in which we note what we eat and drink, and his sports sessions. “To boost its motor effect, it is chosen pretty and fun, and we also note his impressions, advises Michelle Jean-Baptiste. Essential for taking a step back and measuring the progress made. “In this notebook, we detail each day his meals and snacks, not to mention the little extras (” a mouthful of my son’s chocolate bread to taste, two sips of soda in the can of my spouse … “). Beside, we note his appetite on a scale of 1 to 5, and we also specify his state of mind (anxious, tired, stressed, guilty …).

  1. Reward yourself at every step you take

Congratulation is so important! On his notebook, we list the personal attentions to afford each obstacle exceeded, like so many medals: a scented tea, a massage, a garment … And at each stage crossed (1 kg lost, a week without cracking, 30 minutes of jogging without stopping …), we offer ourselves a little pleasure and we savor.

  1. Allow yourself for deviations

You can lose weight by tuning a square of chocolate or a restaurant from time to time. “In this case, we are happy and we do not feel guilty, says Nathalie Négro, Rapid Tone Diet and head of the nutritional center of the Thermes de Brides-les-Bains. To straighten the bar, it is taken into account in the equilibrium of the meal or by lightening the next meal in fats and starchy foods Rapid Tone Diet

  1. Lose weight for yourself

If you want to lose weight to please your spouse, because it’s fashionable or because you want to follow girlfriends, you do not realize your own desires and we gradually let down. We must ask ourselves if we

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