Glass Adhesive Security film – Residential Window Tint

Effectively and inexpensively transform your existing glazing into safety glass.

Delays the burglary thanks to the membrane, integral with the glazing.

Avoid splinters of glass: even broken, the glazing remains in place, thus preserving the safety of your equipment.

Thanks to a unique technology, the new Residential Window Tint performance security film offers significantly better impact and tear resistance than conventional safety polyester films. The TOP300 security film is perfectly colorless, forming an integral membrane that holds the glass in place, preventing the glass from shattering in the event of an explosion or vandalism.

TOP300 is particularly suitable for securing exposed glass surfaces such as shops, financial institutions, administrations, offices, places of worship, museums, etc …

The TOP300 security film is a durable alternative to replacing your classic glass.


The surface to be. Some materials such as polycarbonate can cause bubbling problems. A compatibility test is therefore recommended. For more information, we advise you to consult the prescription table.

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In order to constantly improve our productions, we may change without notice the colors and manufacturing processes of our products. Before using our products, we recommend that our users ensure that they are exactly suited to the intended use and that they comply with the standards in force.

In order to satisfy a high level of requirement, we recommend that you do not mix films of different productions

Armor coat® Optically Clear Optical Clear undetectable on the glass, providing you with perfect protection… You Flexible, high-strength polyester layers, high-performance adhesives, UV inhibitors, and scratch-resistant coatings provide significant burst effect attenuation and very high impact Residential Window Tint resistance, with thicker films offering a higher level of protection. These clear films not only help to keep glass chips in place, but UV inhibitors also help protect valuable goods and goods from discoloration.

Shield your windows

Our security films are very resistant polyester films and fixed by a particularly powerful adhesive. Applied to your windows, they provide a completely transparent and highly effective barrier of protection, which keeps the glass in case of breakage. They meet the most stringent safety standards:

Improving the security of a home, a business premises or a business has become very important today, but what is of paramount importance is of course to guarantee people’s safety. Every year many windows and windows are the target of acts of vandalism that transform them in seconds into thousands of shards of glass.

It can also happen that windows are broken accidentally by throwing pebbles, balloons and even by falling people against windows.

Equipping your premises with burglar-resistant glazing is a very important investment. There is a cheaper and faster solution: the installation of burglar proof film. It is a security film that, when applied to the glazing, protects them from aggression and attempted intrusion. These security films provide excellent protection for all glazing Residential Window Tint (windows, windows or shop windows) and considerably delay break-ins and avoid the dispersion of tiny pieces of glass.

Comate offers solutions against burglary, including the installation of a 100 micron CLEAR 4 CRISTAL CLEAR 4-screen internal anti-intrusion film. This film resists a block launched with force in a glazing and will provoke only a simple hole.

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