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Today, an SEO agency , given the latest developments in Google, has no choice but to evolve into SEO content marketing skills, ie, marketing content. optimized to natural referencing that will interest users to engage them. This is called SEO Marketing Content Marketing, which is a major aspect of Inbound Marketing (understand relationship marketing).An SEO houston seo marketing agency must acquire the super powers of content marketing to succeed in SEO and Webmarketing in general.

In fact, the term to define what an SEO agency has to offer is ”  Search Marketing Integration  “. That is to say, to integrate the optimization with natural referencing of all your marketing contents, so that consumers find your products and services by carrying out research online. The SEO agency must now know how to create optimized SEO articles on a Blog that will serve as an “online news magazine”. A media that belongs to you, a media that you have the control to produce all types of editorial content, videos, virtual tours, interviews, infographics, photos, slideshows … that will create a real power of attraction of consumers towards your brand.

Content Marketing associated with Search Marketing becomes the real power of a “modern SEO agency” to effectively develop the visibility of its customers on the internet. But the problem is that it is not easy, for an houston seo marketing agency that is used to simply optimize existing sites to SEO, to integrate the concepts of marketing to create editorial content quality. Most SEO agencies do not know how to do it. This is not their job, they have grown by selling optimization to SEO to position the pages of a site on Google by targeting keywords with techniques that consisted of playing with Google’s algorithm that are now banned by the search engine, and advertising space, adwords (SEM, SEA …). And still, not all are aware of the techniques in force and what you need to know developments in Google (such as Google Panda, and Google Penguin 2.0 …).

I know something about it, since with my initial houston seo marketing agency Duo Diff , I was “content” to optimize the websites of my SEO customers to position them on Google by targeting the keywords that matched the search for Internet about their activity, and it worked well. Today it still works but … Google Panda and Google Penguinhave gone through there. And even if, I touch wood, none of my customers were hit by a penalty of Google on the contrary because I always practiced the “White Hat SEO” (but sometimes we still suffer the collateral damage of ‘an evolution of the search algorithm), I realized that an SEO agency would have to bring much more than know-how in optimizing websites.

I also started encouraging my clients to try to produce one, just one article per month about their activity for their blog that I will then optimize to SEO. Yes, but here it is. Between buying an advertising space to broadcast a banner (ad) or pay an SEO agency to position its site on Google and produce content, there is a mountain that many customers are not ready to cross for lack of time and often also know-how or organization. An houston seo marketing agency must therefore adapt and evolve to solve the problem of regular SEO marketing content for its customers. And, customers must also adapt to this new challenge of producing content that informs the consumer. Consumers who no longer listen to commercials and who have perfectly integrated the advertising mechanisms of the Brands. They know how to do things, which is advertising and interesting content. Moreover to be convinced, just observe Understand, an.

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