Seven Tips for the best automobile trip


  1. Go offline

Yes, Google Maps is, of course, cool. But it works only when connected to the Internet, which in some places can be very expensive or not affordable. Great MAPS app. ME (MapsWithMe) will help you to use maps in your smartphone offline.

There is something special about paper maps. Remember those faded dust bags in the back of a taxi or in your parents’ car? You will be surprised how useful they can be, both for finding out the location and for taking notes at improvised stops (and for nostalgia when you return home).

  1. Book in advance

If your time and budget are limited, you should book your accommodation in advance, as searching for accommodation on the road may require additional time and money. In high season in popular places this can be a real problem. Booking accommodation will fit into the budget.

Some sights, such as Alcatraz or Chateau de Versailles, sell tickets for several months. Try to find the main attractions that you want to visit, and plan your trip around them.

  1. Rules on the road

Make sure that you are familiar with the traffic rules of the country you are visiting. You can find tips and recommendations for Europe on the AA website, for Australia on the official tourism website and for the US (note that each state has its own rules) on Automobile rules of the countries of Europe and the former USSR are convenient for specifying auto traveler, everything is in Russian.

If you are traveling in Asia, do not forget to check the tips of the tourist driver on the government or official tourism website of the country.


  1. SIM card

If your phone is unlocked, pick up a local SIM card for it to cut costs and stay connected all the time. Skype and WhatsApp are also useful, but remember: they need Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to work.

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  1. Refueling

Refueling is a real treasure in autotravel business. For those that are larger, there are toilets and  even showers , quite decent food, suitable for drinking coffee and all kinds of delicacies for the weary traveler. Some may even allow you to use your parking lot for the night.


  1. Take care of yourself!

Choose small roads, get out of your comfort zone and explore new things, but be reasonable. Listen to the advice, always tell someone where you are and where you are going, and do not take anything risky.

Practical advice: always keep a few liters of water in the car – it can literally be your savior. If there is a place, take an extra tank with gasoline (but check the rules of the country or region you are traveling to: some allow you to carry only a small amount of additional fuel with you).


  1. Download applications

Make sure that all the necessary applications are downloaded to your smartphone. First, check out our incredibly useful list of travel apps that, strictly speaking, have no direct relation to them. You will surely be surprised!

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