Top Tips About Selecting The Iron On Patch

Do you remember that patch trend that people followed in your childhood? Do you want to try it again? Well, it is not that difficult. You can relive that fashion again by adding the patches to your clothing. No doubt everyone in today’s world is conscious about his dressing and looks. In fact, people spend much time on making their physical appearance better. A simple way to make your closet different is placing the patches on your clothes as explained above. It is a beautiful way to make any piece in your wardrobe different yet stylish.


The old trend of placing patches on clothes has made an impressive comeback. Patches are in again, and you will see them on various things. Well, the patches are not just confined to the clothes. In fact, there are various kinds of patches used for different purposes. The patches on clothes are a simple way to express yourself. Also, it can be a great branding tool for your business.

There are different kinds of patches, and you may get confused a little in the beginning. But once you understand the typed of patches and know the purpose of using it, it becomes easy to pick. Here we are describing a few tips in this regard:

  • Know the material:

You already understand that there are different types of patches available out there. So you must understand the material or fabric you have. In fact, you must know about the stuff even before your shop for the patches. Knowing your material will help you determine that iron-on patch is best or custom patches for shirts will work for you.

  • Choose the design:

Once you know the material on which you want to place a patch, next, you have to pick a design. Make sure that the design you are choosing is not too distracting to take all the attention away. But the design you want must be eye-catching.

  • How to place it?

Placing a patch on clothes is not that difficult if you know how to do it. No matter you are buying a patch for a professional or individual reason it is highly essential to pick a right size and design. You like a design, but it is not the size you were looking for then do not purchase it. Keep your material in mind while buying a patch as it will be easy to place it later. Place it on the side of the shirt, on sleeves, pockets, shoulders or skirt. But do not overload your shirt with the patches.


  • Be careful in the iron process:

Do not directly iron it as it may get damaged. Place a towel or another piece of cloth on the patch and then iron it.

You can buy the custom patches online as well. Thanks to the technology that made things more accessible these days. You can make your fashion statement by adding a patch to your clothes. So let’s do it and become stylish.

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