Mortgage for Veterans – What is this: Myth or Reality?

The article of our reader Daria Zubova from Arkhangelsk. By the way, the girls from Arkhangelsk are archangel, it sounds very beautiful🙂

In recent years, the domestic market for credit services is experiencing a real expansion. There are new financial institutions, financial products, technologies are being improved, and the requirements of consumers are growing.

Every person strives to equip his life, make it more comfortable today.

Of course, most of all citizens of our country are interested in mortgages. After all, since Bulgakov’s time, nothing has changed, and the housing issue, as before, is relevant. We all dream of our own housing, but as a rule, a mortgage is either very expensive or unrealistic, since the incomes of our ordinary citizens are far from the necessary for a
veterans home loan program for housing. But, as they say, hope dies last. This hope is especially strong among people who have certain merits before the Motherland. After all, at first glance, it is quite fair to count on any benefits from the country for which you were ready to give your life. For example, let’s talk about the benefits for veterans of military operations during the design of mortgages.

Get any benefits on the mortgage – this is the limit of every borrower’s dreams. After all, you will agree, each client seeks to quickly issue a veterans home loan program with a minimum package of documents, a minimum of lost time and a minimum of overpayments. Each of us, when registering a loan, does not want to overpay at all, waits for any action or wants to get under any of the state programs guaranteeing the minimum interest rate.

Who really can rely on mortgage benefits in our time? Are such benefits available for war veterans of the Second World War?

If you think logically, then the benefits should be available to those categories of citizens who require support from the state, either in the formative stage, or due to various life circumstances or age.

In addition to these categories, banks can provide benefits to their employees, regular customers or participants in payroll projects.

But in this article we are considering the REALITY of granting privileges to participants in WWII combat operations in our banks.

Having studied this issue several times, after reading a lot of posts, forums and articles, I want to inform you that granting preferential credits to veterans of military operations in our country is a significant problem. Virtually all veterans say that banks do not want to give them mortgages, and the government does not seek to help their heroes in some way. Naturally, loans for housing – the most desired for the participants of military operations, but, judging by the responses, they are provided by banks very much, well, just ooochen limited.

There is a simple explanation for this. Any bank, providing a loan, requires guarantees. And the size of these guarantees grows in proportion to the size of the loan. If we are talking about a mortgage, then you understand that the amount of such a loan is far from small, and veterans – participants in military operations are mostly disabled, pensioners. For the bank, the size of the borrower’s income is important, it is important that the client is financially sound and able to repay his debts on time. Based on the size of our pensions and the wages of disabled people, this is simply not possible.

Here, for example, Sberbank has a product: a loan “Mortgage “,” Mortgage + “, ” Mortgage Standard.” But according to the terms of the loan, the initial contribution should be from 10% to 20% of the loan amount depending on the product, and with an initial contribution of up to 50%, the bank provides for reducing the interest rate by 0.25%. But you must agree, not every veteran can afford to contribute a single amount to get a veterans home loan program The crediting period is specified up to 30 years, but taking into account the age of the participants of hostilities, naturally, no one will be issued a credit for such a term. And the shorter the period, the greater the amount of the monthly payment.

Approximately the same conditions exist in other banks of the country.

Of course, the banks will be correct with the participants in the hostilities, they will find a lot of other reasons for refusal, but the fact remains. The paradox, but those people who at the cost of their lives and at the cost of their own health defended the country in which these same financial institutions earn a billion-dollar profit, cannot get even on credit any housing…. And I’m more than sure, this situation in the near future is unlikely to change for the better

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